Coming holiday season - 2021

With the holidays coming up, a lot of us are busy getting gifts for our loved ones. There is a lot to choose from, but if you have a friend or relative who loves coffee, consider getting them a Cafelat Robot! It’s a manual espresso maker made by Cafelat and is a gift which many coffee lovers will appreciate.

Best Posting Dates for Christmas 2021

Sending Christmas gifts and holiday presents is a long-held tradition that most of us follow. Stocks could run out pretty quickly and especially with the recent global shortage, we highly recommend you to plan and order as early as you can. If any products are out of stock, you could make use of the pre-order form to place an order. 

The following are the latest recommended posting dates from couriers:

More details: Royal Mail**, UPS, DPD UK Local and DPD International

** It may take up to 20 working days for your local customs to clear the parcel with Royal Mail. 

How do we ship the Cafelat Robots?

Rest assured with Cafelat UK each robot is assembled and checked by Paul Pratt himself, who is the director of Cafelat Limited in Hong Kong. All parts are personally designed by Paul, collected from the very best factories, then assembled by hand in Hong Kong. Once checked, cleaned, and packed, the product is then shipped to the UK which will be re-tested, sanitised and cleaned again, so that you do not need to worry about germs and contamination. We do recommend that you clean the product before the first time using it.

We take photos and videos for every inspection. Ensuring that there are no manufacturing defects, even accidentally, is our top priority, as we understand it can cause a lot of inconvenience changing or refunding a product. We take plenty of steps to ensure that products arriving at your doorstep from us are in the best condition. Cafelat Robots are made of stainless steel, and so they are pretty sturdy, to begin with. It is unlikely that the product will get damaged while shipping.

In rare occasions you receive a faulty product, please contact us immediately and we will provide further assistance.

If certain parts become damaged or compromised over time and use, you can buy replacements for these parts from our website. From O-rings to filter papers, you can get it all and have your Robot working as well as new.