August updates - Matt Black Robot

As you all know, Cafelat’s director, Paul, has been working on the Robot for quite some time. We have been putting in all our energy and effort to make it as perfect as possible for our clientele.

Just like the functionality aspect of the product, the colour has equal importance. We started with the Creamy White Cafelat Robot, however, due to some manufacturing issues, we were unable to continue producing it. We opted to go with black because it was the next most visually appealing option, and the results exceeded our expectations. We started with a glossy black hue, but it didn't appeal to us, so we changed it again! This time, though, the outcome is a matte black finished product.

We are really excited for you guys to try it out, and we’re sure the colour is bound to appeal to you. We believe the product needs to be aesthetically pleasing for the consumers to get attracted to. When we talk about the perfect product, we want the suitable functionalities to be coupled with a stunning-looking product. We chose the matte black finish over the glossy one because it made the product more striking.

We know you're all excited about the new Matt Black colour, but some delays have been due to circumstances beyond our control. We sincerely apologise to our customers; we are as eager to provide the new product as you are to try it. We know that waiting is tedious and not liked by any of us, but we are happy to announce that the Matt Black Robot is available across the country now.