Each Robot is hand-made and unique so each one is slightly different but they all work the same. This guide applies to all Robots, however text in red is specific to the Barista Robot:

Normal situation  

 - If the lever arms do not stay in the upright position: they are designed to be loose on purpose for safety. Always have one hand holding the arms up.
 - If the lever arms stay in the upright position: it loose once the parts wear in. Always have one hand holding the arms up.
 - The portafilter seems loose in the body: this is correct.
 - The piston seems loose: this is correct.
 - The basket seems loose in the portafilter: this is correct. If you do not feel comfortable, prepare/tamp the basket first, then put it back into the portafilter.
 - There are marks inside the basket: this is correct. The areas are polished sections left from when it is being held in a fixture during the polishing process.
 - The top pin seems not to be fully screwed in and seems too long or a bit bent: this is correct. It is by design to prevent damaging the powder coated finish. Do not over-tighten the top pin by any tools or it may crack the powder coating.
 - The Cafelat logo sticker on the Robot body peeled off on its own. This occurrence is expected on the Matt Black Robot due to its powder coating, please use a heat gun or super glue to reglue the sticker. 
 - Some of the fasteners seems loose: after shipping or some use you may need to tighten the piston or base screw.


2mm Allen key: Bracket grub screw 

3mm Allen key: Top pin

5mm Allen key: Bottom plate screw

6mm Allen key: Piston screw thread, Piston plug

9mm socket: Parker Legris straight fitting

13mm spanner: Female fitting, Parker Legris elbow fitting

 - There is water in the flexible tube up to the pressure gauge: this is correct. The tube will fill with water when in use.
 - There is a gap between metal sleeve and the fitting: this is correct. The metal sleeve does not connect to the fitting and supposed to be loose. It’s a cover only.
 - It is hard to read the pressure gauge, make it face upwards: it is more complicated than just rotating it. If we can make it, we made it.
 -  A tolerance of +/- 0.05mm on the pressure gauge pin and label is acceptable.

Cannot install the portafilter into the main body

 - Ensure the piston seal is installed correctly.
 - Make sure you lift BOTH lever arms as high as possible when attempting to lock it in place
 - Lift the portafilter UP before moving it to the RIGHT.
 - Time to re-lube the piston seal by using food safe silicone grease, do not slather it on, a sheen is sufficient. Dow 111 is a good choice.

Please visit 'How to use' for more information.

Water leaks from the top of the portafilter when I try and brew

     - Basket has been overfilled with water: leave around 5-8mm gap below the basket rim.
     - Piston seal is not fitted correctly: ensure it looks even, run your thumb and forefinger around a few times to seat it. The flat side is up and the V side is down.
     - Piston seal needs replacement: the flat side is up and the V side is down. 
     - Letting the lever arms fall down or not enough pre infusion pressure: use positive pressure on the arms and press both arms evenly. The piston seal needs to flare out to form a seal.
     - Pressing down on one lever: use even pressure on both levers.

    Coffee seems weak and watery (e.g. shot times <15 seconds)

       - Adjust the grind finer: coffee too coarse. Grind finer to hit 25-35 seconds shot time. 
       - Increase the coffee dose: use a minimum of 15g.
       - Stale coffee: use fresher ground coffee.
       - Using pre-ground coffee in a professional basket: use the pressurised basket for pre-ground coffee or invest in a grinder.
       - Water is not hot enough: use water just off the boil.
       - Not enough or low extraction pressure: use greater force on the lever hands. Avoid pushing down with the upper lever arms. 
       - Clean and reinstall the piston seal or replace the piston seal.
       - Barista version: Check if the flexible tube or metal sleeve has been pinched. 

      Please visit 'Brewing Tips' for more information.

      Little coffee is coming out

       - Grind is too fine: grind coarser.
       - Decrease the dose: recommended maximum is 21g.
       - Not enough or low extraction pressure: use greater force on the lever handsAvoid pushing down with the upper lever arms. 
       - Basket has been underfilled with water: fill up to around 5-8mm gap below the rim.

      Please visit 'Brewing Tips' for more information.

      Pressure gauge stop showing the correct value or water gets inside

       - Gauge screws come loose: turn the screws in from the front clockwise will tighten it back up again.
       - Pin stop at certain value or water gets inside: use a flat blade in the join where the pressure gauge plastic meets the chrome and it pops out. Reset the pin or remove the water. Then clip in the plastic. 

      Pressure gauge registers very little pressure or does not work

       - Not enough pressure: use greater force on the lever hands. Avoid pushing down with the upper lever arms.
       - Increase/decrease the dose to 16g.
       - If the coffee is ground too coarse or is stale, the coffee will offer little resistance and you will not be able to build up pressure. Please visit 'Brewing Tips' for more information.
       - Check for leaks in the hydraulic circuit, you would see water drops or hear air hissing from somewhere along the tube. If you notice the metal sleeve and the flexible tube is being pinched, damaged or broken, please purchase the spare parts. These items are not under warranty.
       - It is unlikely but possible the pressure gauge is broken. Convert the Barista Robot to Regular Robot by using the piston plug and telfon washer provided, then Contact Us (for the Robot that is purchased from Cafelat UK only). 

      - Blockage:

      The pressure gauge is permanently fixed to the bracket and then locked in place with the 13mm hexagonal female fitting on the back. A mesh filter is then placed between that and the Parker Legris elbow fitting on the back. The hydraulic connection to the piston is then made with a 4mm OD FDA approved Parker Legris flexible tube.

      Please do not tamper or try and remove the pressure gauge. You may remove the elbow fitting on the back and inspect for blockages if required.

      To remove the tube from these fittings you must push down the locking collar whilst at the same time pulling the pipe out of the fitting. 

      Filter screen is dented or damaged 

       - A dented or slightly bent filter screen will still function perfectly.
       - Lower the dose.
       - The filter screen was not installed correctly.
       - The multiple pump technique was used: this will cause the screen to move and will result in it smashing into the piston.
       - Use the paper filters instead of the filter screen.

      Coffee seems to be “cold”

       - Use water from the kettle straight from boiling.
       - Try a dummy shot first to pre-heat the components, i.e. piston, portafilter and the basket.
       - If using the professional basket, remove the portafilter spout and use as a naked (bottomless) portafilter.

      Using the Pressurised Basket

       - Coffee is very frothy: must be used with the portafilter spouts installed. It does not work with naked (bottomless) portafilter.
       - Cannot install the portafilter spout onto the portafilter: use little bit of silicone lubricant (such as Dow 111) or some water.
       - Portafilter spout seems very loose and keep falling from the portafilter: clean the portafilter spout silicone o-ring as there may be too much lubricant on them or replace the portafilter spout silicone o-ring.

      Hard to lift the lever arms up

       - Piston is shifting to 1 side: never lift with 1 lever arm. Lift both lever arms together.
       - Grinding sound when lifting the lever arms upwards: it is normal when the Robot is made by stainless steel and the parts touch each other. Use the Dow 111 to smooth the parts which are contacting each other.
       - Piston screw loose and comes out: tighten it.
       - Small lever feels like rubbing: remove the lever arm and bend it gently.
       - Teflon rings seems damage: the screws of the lever arm loose and comes out. Remove the lever arm and tighten them.

      How to remove the lever arms: instruction here.

      Surface is not perfect

      It is hard to define perfect on an item but we guarantee each Robot is hand-built, tested, QC and cleaned before shipping. The following issues will not be warranted or claimed:

      On Robot body and plate, for example:

       - Minor black spots
       - Minor scratches
       - Minor dents or bumps
       - Low paint coverage around edges

      Some areas on the polished items that cannot be polished, for example:

       - Join of the portafilter and its handle
       - Around the portafilter ears
       - Inside the portafilter spouts
       - Inside the hole of the tamper

      Powder coat surface is scratched or chipped

       - Paint chipped on the Robot plate: the base of ceramic cups is very abrasive and will scratch the area. Use the provided silicone mat to protect the area as required.
       - Paint chipped on the leg where portafilter locks: do not push the portafilter too fast or hard.
       - Paint chipped on the top of the head: do not try to tighten the top pin with any tools. It is supposed to be loose.
       - Paint chipped somewhere else: sharp metal edges, like the stainless steel parts, will damage the surface easily. Please use them carefully.
       - Tear and wear

      Cafelat UK provides the touch-up kit for domestic UK customers. Please contact us for more information if you require to purchase this item. Cafelat UK do not ship the touch-up kit internationally.


       - Complete user manual
       - Barista Robot: how to change the replacement tube
       - Regular Robot: how to install the pressure gauge kit

      Here are the videos of building the Robots: