Robot 1-Year Warranty

Cafelat UK will provide 1-year limited warranty from the date of purchase on manufacturing defects for "Cafelat Robot - Manual Espresso Maker" that is purchased from our website.

Cafelat UK will review all cases and verify the claim. Cafelat reserves the right to request the product to be sent to our office for additional review and to verify the claim. We take photos and videos of your order before shipping.

The warranty does not cover any shipping costs incurred by the repairs. You must pay for the return shipping to Cafelat UK and the postage shipping from Cafelat UK back to you.

The warranty or claim does not apply to the following:

  • Minor scratches, dents, black spots or other surface marring of any components: we take photos and videos of your order before shipping.
  • Some area of the polished components that is unable to polish, for example:
    1. Joint of the portafilter and its handle
    2. Around the portafilter 'ears'
    3. Inside the portafilter spouts
    4. Inside the hole of the tamper
      • Any defect arising from the misuse of the machine.
      • Powder coating paint chipped from misuse of the machine. A touch-up kit can be provided for the local UK customers. 
      • The Cafelat logo sticker on the Robot body peeled off on its own. This occurrence is expected on the Matt Black Robot due to its powder coating.
      • Improper use, e.g. use in a commercial environment.
      • Normal wear and tear on the machine.

      The warranty is non-transferable and is only for the person who bought the products. 

      The warranty will become invalid at once if there is any non-approved modifications to the Robot or install any non-Cafelat parts to the Robot.

      The warranty does not cover provisioning of following consumable parts:

      99% of the problems can be solved by following the steps in 'Troubleshooting'. If you still require any after-sales service, please contact us (After-sales service).

      To report a claim, please contact us (After-sales service) providing below information:

      1. Proof of Purchase
      2. Reason for Claim
      3. Picture of your robot specifically claimed damage or defect area

        We are still here to help if the 1-year warranty has expired. You will be responsible for all repair costs including provisioning of spare parts, service charge and shipping. With that said, we will be reasonable and will assist where we could. Please contact us (After-sales service) for more information.