Frequently Asked Questions

    General FAQs

    Do you have a shop? Can I self-collect the order?

    No. We do not have a physical store in the UK. We only sell through our web store. I am afraid we are unable to provide the self-collection service.

    What do you sell?

    We sell the Cafelat barista accessories and Robot - Manual Espresso Maker. Cafelat UK is the official and authorised webshop in the UK of Cafelat.

    Is Cafelat UK the same company as Cafelat?

    Yes or No. Paul Pratt is the director of Cafelat Limited (Hong Kong) and the director of Cafelat UK Limited. But he currently does not operate the business of Cafelat UK Limited. If you have any questions on your order with Cafelat UK, please contact us directly.

    Where are the Cafelat items made?

    All Cafelat items are designed and approved by Paul Pratt from UK, the owner of Cafelat Limited, Just Java Limited and Cafelat UK Limited. The parts come from the best factories all over the world, before being assembly, QC, clean and pack in Cafelat, Hong Kong and shipped to Cafelat UK Limited, London distribution centre.


    What payment methods do you accept?

    We only accept the payment through Paypal, credit card or debit card. For Paypal paytment, you will be be direct to the PayPal website, where you will be prompted to process your payment. You will then be directed back to our merchant website once your transaction is complete. You do not require to have a Paypal account to make the payment. PayPal accepts the following cards:

    • Visa / Delta / Electron
    • MasterCard / Eurocard
    • Maestro
    • American Express.

    Debit cards (also known as bank cards) are accepted if they have a Visa or MasterCard logo.

    Where is my refund?

    We aim to process refunds within 7 calendar days of the products being returned to us. We will contact you by email to let you know if the refund was approved. All refunds will only be issued via your original payment method that was used to purchase the goods. Please visit 'Returns & Exchanges' for more information.

    Ordering & Delivery

    Can I place an order without creating an account?

    Yes. You can place an order as a guest with no obligation to create an account.

    Where is my order confirmation?

    This is automatically sent to your email address when you place an order. If you haven’t received your order confirmation within 12 hours, please contact us (Ordering & Payment) just in case there is a problem with your order. Please check your mailbox’s spam or junk folder before contacting in case the order confirmation has been diverted there.

    Can I cancel or revise the order?

    Yes, but depends:

    If your order hasn't been shipped yet - Please contact us (After-sales service) immedately so we can cancel your order then refund the full amount (including postage) or revise your order accordingly. We aim to ship orders received before GMT/BST 10:00am on the same day (Monday - Friday, excluding UK Public Holidays). Orders placed after GMT/BST 10:00am will be shipping the following business day. Please visit 'Delivery' for more information.

    If your order has been shipped - Unfortunately, we will not be able to cancel or revise your order if your order has been posted. Please contact us (Returns & Exchanges) and we will arrange the return. Please visit our 'Returns & Exchanges' for more information.

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes. Please visit 'Delivery' for more information.

    Do I need to pay duties, taxes, VAT?

    For domestic UK customers, all prices you paid at check-out includes 20% VAT.

    For international (non-UK) customers, the prices you paid at check-out excludes 20% UK VAT. However, the postage does not include your local custom fees, import taxes, brokerage fees or duties. Your order may be subject to VAT, import duties and/or taxes, which are levied once your package reaches your country. Please contact your local customs office and 'Delivery' for more informaton. 

    How much is shipping?

    Depends on the items you have ordered and your location. You can estimate the shipping costs at the bottom of the CART page after putting your items into the CART. Please visit 'Shipping' for more information.

    Why is the shipping cost expensive? Is there a cheaper delivery alternative or can I arrange my own shipping?

    Sorry but it is as what the shipping companies charging. We do not over-charge postage. There will be £5 admin charges if you would like to arrange your own shipping or require alternative shipping methods. Please contact us if you require this special service. 

    When will you ship my order?

    We aim to ship orders received before GMT/BST 10:00am on the same day (Monday - Friday, excluding UK Public Holidays). Orders placed after GMT/BST 10:00am will be shipping the following business day. Please visit 'Delivery' for more information.

    How long does delivery take?

    For domestic UK delivery, it takes 1-7 working days, depends the service you choose.

    For international delivery, it dpends on the carrier and location. Please visit 'Delivery' for more information. Please contact us (After-sales Service) if your order has not been delivered 3 weeks after receiving the shipment notification with tracking number, and we will check your order status.

    Can I track my order?

    Yes. We only use tracked shipping service. A shipping confirmation email is automatically sent to your email address when your order has been shipped. You will receive a tracking reference which you can use to check the progress of your order online.

    If you haven’t received your shipping confirmation within 48 hours, please contact us (After-sales service). Please also check your mailbox’s spam or junk folder before contacting in case the order confirmation has been diverted there.

    I haven't received my order. The parcel may be lost?

    We will track and trace your order every few days. In the event of a lost package, we will require up to 25 business days from the date the parcel has been sent before being able to replace or credit for any lost goods.

    My billing or shipping address is wrong on the confirmation email.

    Please contact us (After-sales Service) immediately. We are only able to revise the shipping address before the order has been shipped. If your order has been shipped, please contact the relevant carrier for information. 

    Will Cafelat UK cancel your order?

    Cafelat UK will not cancel orders if you have not asked us to cancel. All active products on our website are in stock.

    Can I pre-order?

    Due to unexpected issues, sometimes the delivery to Cafelat UK will be delayed. If you would like to pre-order, please complete the form here. We will issue the invoice when the items are ready for sale. 

    Does Cafelat UK do drop ship?

    No. All active products on our website are in stock, we do not drop ship. If it’s on the website and you can order it, it is in stock. If the product is 'Sold Out', then you will not be able to order, check-out or make payment for it. 

    The product I want to buy says 'sold out'. What does it mean? Can I buy it?

    Cafelat UK does not do drop ship, therefore, we only sell the product which we have it in stock. If it says 'Sold Out', please visit 'News' for more information when it has been restocked. 

    Returns & Exchanges

    Can I return my order?

    Yes. You can return the order, within 14 calendar days after receiving it, as long as it’s undamaged, unused or being modified in any way and providing it is in as new or resaleable condition in their original packaging gift boxes, along with any accessories and free gifts.

    We do not offer refunds on any postage and free returns. Please visit 'Returns & Exchanges' for more information.

    How do I return a product?

    Please contact us (Returns & Exchanges). Providing the return is within the 14-canlader-day return policy and meets our return criteria, we will confirm the return details. We do not offer free returns.

    You are responsible for the carriage, and liability is your responsibility, so please use a tracked and insured carrier. You will need to arrange and pay for suitable packaging when returning a product. Make sure to retain the proof of return from the courier. Please visit 'Returns & Exchanges' for more information.

    What if my order has arrived but it’s not as I expected.

    Yes. If you just do not like the products for any reason within 14 calendar days after receiving them, you can return it back, providing it is in as new or resaleable condition in their original packaging gift boxes, along with any accessories and free gifts. You MUST NOT use them, install them, or modify them in any way. Whilst the products are in your possession, you must take reasonable care of them.

    However, please be confident with your product choice before clicking the check-out button. We do not offer refunds on any postage and free returns. Please visit 'Returns & Exchanges' for more information.

    How long does it take to return a product?

    This depends on the carrier or shipping method that you choose when returning your order. Once we receive your return, we will notify you by email. 

    What if my order has arrived but it's damaged.

    Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us (After-sales service) in 30 calendar days from the days of delivery, if the product is obvious manufacturing defective, transit damaged, or if you receive the wrong product so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right. We will offer you either a repair, exchange, or refund. The decision of which will be at our discretion.

    Can I exchange my order?

    Yes. You can exchange the order, within 14 calendar days after receiving it, as long as it’s undamaged, unused or being modified in any way and providing the item you would like to change is in as new or resaleable condition.

    But we do not offer free returns. You are responiable for shipping costs in both directions. Please visit 'Returns & Exchanges' for more information.

    About Robot

    What is Robot?

    The Robot - Manual Espresso Maker is a small, high quality manual coffee maker that makes real espresso, with minimal fuss and effort. It uses few parts, no complicated electronics and only premium materials like stainless steel.

    What do I need to make espresso with Robot?

    Gound coffee, some hot water from a kettle and you are all set.

    What drinks can I make with Robot?

    The Robot makes espresso shots only. You can then drink as straight espresso, add water to make an americano or even make milk drinks if you have a milk steamer. You can use fresh ground coffee with the professional basket, or you can use pre-ground coffee (e.g. Illy, Lavazza etc..) using the pressurised basket.

    There is no manual when I open the package!

    Cafelat does not provide a paper-based user manual in the package. Customer is required to download the 'User Manual' or find it here on our website. Please read the manual before usage.

    Can my child operate the Robot?

    No. It' is not to be used by children. Please visit 'Safety' for more information.

    Is the Robot food safe?

    Yes. We tested the parts that contact with water or espresso via SGS. Please visit 'Safety' for more information.

    How to use or operate the Robot?

    Please visit 'How to use' for full details.

    I don't like the colour you are selling now. Can you make custom colour?

    Sorry, no. You will have to paint them yourself. 

    I read on the forum or review and saw an aluminium (non-polished) version but could not find it on the website.

    The Polished Aluminium Robot is no longer avaiable. Cafelat stopped the production from 2019. 

    What is the latest improvement to the Robot? Any differences if I purchase from Cafelat HK or from Cafelat UK?

    No. There is no difference on the Robot package between Cafelat HK and Cafelat UK. Here are the improvements of the Robot:

    1. Redesigned the Robot arms by hiding the lines from the top. (October 2021)
    2. Redesigned the filter screen by using the silicone top pin. Reducing the damage on misused. (October 2020)
    3. Installed a POM guide ring on the top of the piston. A bit of grease (Loctite Superlube) has been applied on the piston and inside the main body. (September 2020)
    4. 1 pack of filter paper includes in each Robot package. (June 2020)
    5. Metal sleeve on the Barista Robot. (January 2020)
    6. 1 pack of MOLYKOTE® Dow Corning 111 Silicone Compound 6g includes in each Robot package. (June 2019)

    The items inside the Regular Robot are slightly different from the Barista Robot. Please find the full details in the product description. 


    Which version should I buy? Which one is better, Barista vs Regular?

    We always recommend Regular Robot for home-user, but it's completely your choice. The Barista Robot with the gauge system is also a bit more involved whereas the Regular Robot is bullet proof. Please visit 'Barista vs Regular' for more information. 

    Can I convert my Robot from Barista to Regular OR from Regular to Barista?


    For Barista Robot owners, you can convert it to Regular verison by using the piston plug and telfon ring provided in the packaging. Video here.

    For Regular Robot owners, you need to purchase the pressure gauge kit (or spare parts) and build the pressure gauge yourself. It is a bit complicated and we do not recommend doing it. If you decide to make any non-approved modifications to the robot or install any non-Cafelat parts to the Robot, warranty will become invalid at once. Video here or manual here.

    Which basket should I buy? What are the differences between professional basket and pressurised basket?

    Each Robot package includes 1 professional basket. You can buy the pressurised basket optionally.

    Professional basket: fresh ground coffee from a coffee grinder, such as a hand grinder or an electric grinder. Blade grinders will not work.

    Pressurised basket: ​Pre-ground supermarket coffee (e.g. the solid bricks), such as this only really work with the special pressurised basket.

    Please visit '2 Baskets' for more information.

    Which tamper should I buy, original tamper or levelling tamper? Can I make better coffee with levelling tamper?

    The original tamper is good enough because we do not need to go crazy on tamping, a firm fingertip tamp is all that is required. Levers Machine are forgiving of tamping. But some of people find it is easier and do not need to fiddle around a bit to level the espresso puck with levelling tamper

    Can I buy the Cafelat Espresso Tamper or other brands' tamper for Robot?

    No. The inside of Robot's unique basket is very deep. The Espresso Tamper or most of the normal tampers in the market are always with thick tamper base which will suck up and disurb the espresso puck after tamping. Therefore, we designed the original tamper with a very thin base or you can upgrade the Robot package to the levelling tamper or purchase the levelling tamper separately. 

    Which parts of the Robot will contact hot liquid, water or espresso? Any plastics?

    There is no plastic in the Robot, all the parts for the coffee are stainless steel with the exception of the filter screen. The centre pin is silicone which is the same material as the piston seal. If you order the barista version there is a small capillary flexiable tube (made by Park Legris) that connects to the pressure gauge which is made for food applications.

    Any part that is powder coating (retro green, blue, red or creamy white) is made of aluminium. Everything else is stainless steel and silicone rubber. 

    What is the minimum dose or maximum dose I can use with Robot?

    With the filter screen, the minimum dose is around 12g. With the filter paper, the minimum does is 8g. Maxmium is 21g. 

    Manufacturer defect? Piston is wobbling. Portafilter seems loose. Lever arms are not standing up.

    All these are normal and correct. It is not manufacturer defect. Please visit 'Troubleshooting' for more information.

    Manufacturer defect? Espresso puck is uneven

    Puckology is simply analysing the spent coffee puck after a shot has been made but it is largely meaningless on the Robot.

    Please visit 'How to use' for more information.

    Manufacturer defect? I received my item but I think it's not perfect.

    I am sorry but it is hard to define perfect on an item but we gurantee each Robot is hand-built, tested, QC and cleaned before shipping. The following issues will not be warranted or claimed:

    On Robot body and plate, for example:

    • Minor black spots 
    • Minor scratches
    • Minor dents or bumps

    Some areas on the polished items that cannot be polished, for example:

    • Join of the portafilter and its handle
    • Around the portafilter ears
    • Inside the portafilter spouts
    • Inside the hole of the tamper

    It is hard to press the lever arms. I cannot make coffee.

    • Over dose - 21g is the maximum dose we recommend but it is hard for a manual lever. You may require to adjust the coffee grind a bit coarser. That would make it a bit easier to press down.
    • Like all other lever machine, you need to press the lever arms and build the pressure yourself. You will require to press at 16-18KG which will put you in the right area.

    It is hard to insert the portafilter. I cannot put it in.

    1. Check if the piston seal installed correctly. The flat side is up and the V side is down.
    2. Apply a little bit of food safe oil Dow 111 if it is too hard to install the piston seal.
    3. Use your thumb and forefinger and run around the piston seal a few times to make sure it is seated properly.
    4. Try without coffee and water.
    5. Lift both lever arms as as tight as you can. It lift the piston at the highest position. 
    6. Life upwards the across.

    Please visit 'How to use' for more information.

    Updated September 2021: Paul introduced a new technique on inserting the portafilter. Please click here for more information.

    Barista Robot - There is no pressure.

    Check if the tube caught between the lever arm and the main body. It is the most common misuse situation while using the Barista Robot

    VERY IMPORTANT: make sure the metal sleeve is in the right position.

    Please visit 'Troubleshooting' page for other possibilies if the pressure gauge stops working. 

    Barista Robot - There is low or very low pressure.

    If the coffee is ground too coarse or is stale, the coffee will offer little resistance and you will not be able to build up pressure. Please visit 'troubleshooting' for more information. 

    Barista Robot - Why the pressure gauge is not facing upwards? It is hard to see in extraction.

    We tried several phototypes but none of them works or we would not have made it like that. It is a bit more complicated than just rotating it. The pressure gauge is most useful when you first get the unit so you get an idea of what the required pressure feels like. After that most people hardly refer to it.

    Barista Robot - The pressure gauge stops showing the correct value. The pin stopped at certain value. I saw water is inside the gauge.

    The pressure gauge is quite a delicate instrument.

    Paul always align the pressure gauge horizontally with the bracket on each Barista Robot. If it is not, the gauge screws may come loose. A slight turn the gauge screws in from the front clockwise will tighten it back up again.

    To remove the pressure gauge front plastic, use a flat blade in the joint where the plastic meets the chrome of the pressure gauge body. It just pops out and clips in. Then you can remove the water or reset the pin then pulling the needle off and putting it back at zero.

    Barista Robot - There is a gap between the metal sleeves and the gauge.

    The metal sleeve is just a cover over the tube and should not be fixed. They are all like that. You can pull the sleeve up towards the pressure gauge and it will close the gap.

    Barista Robot - How to change the tube. I accidentally pinched it and water sprays.

    The tube and metal sleeves are not in warranty. Please purchase the spare parts. You can find more information by watching the video on YouTube or reading the manual

    My robot is wobbling. Some of the fasteners seems loose.

    After shipping or some use you may need to tighten the base screws or the top pin. 

    • H2 Allen key: Bracket grub screw 
    • H3 Allen key: Top pin, Parker Legris straight fitting (9mm socket works as well)
    • H5 Allen key: Bottom plate screw, Piston screw thread
    • H6 Allen key: Piston plug
    • 13mm spanner: Female fitting, Parker Legris elbow fitting

    Is my Robot broken? My coffee is too watery, too weak, flow is too fast.

    We calls the coffee 'sour' in this siutation. If the coffee extraction is less than 20 seconds, the grinder is too coarse. You need to grind finer and aim for the 20-40 second range or increase the dose. Please visit 'Brewing Tips' for more information.

    Is my Robot broken? My coffee is too bitter, too dark, flow is too slow.

    We calls the coffee 'biter in this siutation. If the coffee extraction is more than 40 seconds, the grinder is either too fine or too coarse. You need to adjust the grind finer and aim for the 20-40 second range or lower the dose. Please visit 'Brewing Tips' for more information.

    My espresso is too cold.

    We tested the Robot for over 4 years before launching it on the market. The temperature is our main concern from the beginning. If you put boiling hot water (99.5°C) into the room temperature prepared basket, it will immediately drop by around 4°C, which will put you in the right area for making espresso. Please visit 'How to use' page for more information on heat management. 

    The filter screen is bent or dent after first uses. It is fragile.

    The filter screen has been designed as thin as possible so it do not act as a heat-sink for the hot water. It is therefore quite fragile but with some care and attention it will last a while. 

    • Firmly pressing the screen in place, and ensuring that it is level so that the centre pin is straight.
    • Raise the levers after making coffee the metal screen may have moved out of place. The piston may hit the filter screen if you push the lever arms all the way down during the pull to expel the remaining water. So the best is stop pressing when you feel the piston is against the screen.

    You can use the filter paper alternatively. 

    I hear noise while using. What is it?

    • Probably from the basket snapping onto the top of the portafilter.
    • The POM ring on the piston is sliding inside the main body. 
    • Hissing noise from the basket area: it is normal when you are pressing air instead of water through the puck.
    • Hissing noise around the pressure gauge, like tube: please check if the tube disconnect or being pinched between the lever arm and the main body. 

    I found some grease or lube on the Robot piston and inside the main body. Is it normal?

    Yes. Paul decided to put some Loctite Superlube which is NSF certifed to help the pison and the POM guide ring sliding inside the Robot body easily. It does not contact the food areas. You can wipe it off if it is bothering you but you may get a little noise if you lift the lever arms up and down, cause by the POM ring sliding inside. 

    What grinder do you recommend?

    A hand grinder is a good investment as they are inexpensive and not much can go wrong, something like a Kinu, Commandante, Orphan Espresso, Helor, 1Z Presso or a Made by Knock grinder would work. Not a Porlex or Hario as they cannot grind fine enough. The Robot uses a real espresso grind, not drip coffee grind.

    Please remember to use pressurised basket if you would like to use pre-ground coffee.

    Can I put the Robot or the parts inside the dishwasher?

    No. Please visit 'Care and Maintenane' for more information.

    I ordered this colour but the gift box shows another colour. Did you send me wrong item?

    We only have 1 type of gift box available, but we will take photos and videos for each order to confirm we send the correct products. 

    About Silicone Gaskets

    What is silicone rubber? Is it food safe?

    Cafelat is the first factory to manufacture the gasket for the Espresso machines from food grade FDA silicone. Unlike regular gaskets that are made from rubber these do not have any smell or taste whatsoever, and are easy to change since they will not bake rock hard like rubber does.

    Can you tell me which gasket fits my machine?

    We list the machines that our silicone gasket fit in the product description of each silicone gasket. If your machine is not listed, it is not available. 

    I cannot find the gasket that fits my machine. Where is it?

    Please check with your machine's manufacturer or your original gasket to find the correct size and model. If your machine is not listed in the product description of the gasket, it is not available.

    The silicone gaskets are non-refundable. Cafelat UK Limited is not responsible for any incorrect purchase.

    Do you have thinner or thicker size of the gasket?

    They are all list on our website. If they are not on our website, it is not avaialble.

    How to install Cafelat silicone gaskets? Which size is up?

    Normally, the side with 'Cafelat' logo faces up but please check with your machine manual for confirmation.

    The portafilter does not lock at 6 o'clock after changing the gasket.

    It is normal. Silicone is not the same as the old rubber gasket, no need to really crank the handle over to get a seal. 

    If the group or portafilter is well worn then the original thickness of the gasket is too thin and you can buy paper spacers to build up the thickness.

    Cafelat UK is unable to guarantee the portafilter locks in the same position because each group and portafilter is different. 

    Can I have further discount if I purchase higher quantity?

    Sorry, no. The maximum discount is 10% for 5 pieces of silicone gaskets. We do not offer further discount for higher quantity. 

    Other Products

    Espresso Tamper - Can you custom made the tamper base? I cannot find the tamper base size I want.

    No. We can only provide the tamper base in the following sizes that covering most of the Espresso Machines in the market:

    • 49mm flat
    • 50mm flat
    • 51mm flat
    • 53mm flat
    • 54mm flat
    • 58mm flat
    • 58mm convex
    • VST 58.5mm flat

    Espresso Tamper - What is the tamper size for my machine?

    The correctly sized for an espresso tamper should be slighyly smaller than the inside diameter of your espresso machine filter basket. Measure the exact inside diameter of the filter basket then select a tamper slighly smaller than its measurement. 

    Please check with your espresso machine manual to confirm. 

    Cleaning Brush - Can I use the brush on my machine?

    The cleaning brush set is for the machine with 58mm diameter grouphead only. It is not suitable for the small grouphead, like 53mm or 54mm. 

    Cleaning Cloth - Will the dye come back?

    Yes. All the new cleaning cloths may have some black dye, like when we wash clothes in the laundry machine. Here are the warnings of using the cloths:
    • Rinse the cloths in water several times before first use.
    • Rinse the cloths in wash again before each use.
    • Wash the cloths only with similar colours.
    • Wash the cloths at a low temperature.
    • Do no leave wet cloths on porous work surfaces.
    • Do not beach.
    • Do not tumble dry.
    • Do not warm iron.
    • Do not dry clean.

    Knockboxes - Need replacement bar for my knockbox but I do not know the size

    Small Tubbi Bar: Approx. ⌀2.5cm 15cm (L)

    Large Tubbi Bar: Approx. ⌀2.5cm 17.3cm (L)

    Cafe Knockbox Bar with 2 nuts:  ⌀2.5cm 18.5cm (L)

    Classic Knockbox Bar: Approx. ⌀2.5cm 13cm (L)

    Knockboxes - The bar is damaged. Why?

    The knockbox bar is the only item that absorbs all the force while 'knocking' the portafilter. It is tear and wear item so it is not under warranty. Please purhcase the spare parts here. 

    Knockboxes - The top gasket on the Cafe Knockbox or Classic Knockbox has been torn off.

    During the normal daily usage, the top gasket should not be damaged easily. The knockbox bar is the only item that absorbs the force while 'knocking' the portafilter and the top gasket, uses to protect the sharp edge only, does not move. Hold the bar or carry the Classic knockbox or Cafe Knockbox if you would like to move the item around. Do not pull the top gasket or the 'ears' will be torn off. The spare parts are not under warranty. 


    Do you sell gift vouchers?

    No. We do not.

    Can you give me discount?

    Sorry. The prices on our website are manufacturer's suggested retail price provided by Cafelat. We do not offer any special discount to anyone.