Safety and SGS Reports

General warnings before use

 - The Robot - Manual Espresso Maker is not to be used by children.
 - Please take care when pouring the hot water into the basket. Hot water can burn your skin.
 - Press the Robot lever arms straight down evenly with both hands.
 - DO NOT use the Robot legs to get extra leverage: like squeezing pair of pliers in each hand.
 - Make sure both portafilter ears are inserted into the main body before brewing.
 - Never try and operate the Robot without the piston seal in place.
 - Never try and operate the Barista Robot if the metal sleeve looks damaged.
 - The base of ceramic cups are very abrasive and will scratch the area. For this reason we have included a silicone mat to protect the area as required.
 - Stainless steel parts or sharp items could scratch or chip the paint. Please be careful while using. 
 - Do not try to tighten the top pin screw of the Robot head. It may crack the powder coating.
 - Do not put the Robot or any parts or any accessories into a dishwasher. Please visit 'Care and Maintenance' for more information.

Extra safety for Barista Robot

 - Please use the Robot in the 4-8 bar range for extraction. 
 - Please do not tempt to go full blast and try and max out the pressure gauge.
 - Please try and keep to a maximum of 8 bar. The lever arms will take all the force from you and over-pressing risk breaking the Robot.

SGS Reports 

Professional Basket            Pressurised Basket            Filter Screen            Portafilter Spout            Stainless Steel Tamper            Piston            Piston Seal