Our Story

Company Information

Cafelat UK is the official and authorised webshop in the United Kingdom of Cafelat. We are not the same company, but we buy directly from Cafelat and carry most of their products.

Cafelat UK is owned and operated by Cafelat UK Limited, a company incorporated in UK. 

Company Registered Name: Cafelat UK Limited
Company Registered Address: 483 Green Lanes, London N13 4BS, UK
Company House Number: 09457871
UK VAT Number: 370307814

Paul Pratt is the director of Cafelat Limited (Hong Kong) and the director of Cafelat UK Limited. But he currently does not operate the business of Cafelat UK Limited. If you have any questions on your order with Cafelat UK, please contact us directly.

About Us

Cafelat was formed in 2008 by Paul Pratt from the UK. Cafelat is a revolutionary new range of products, designed exclusively with today's specialty coffee market in mind. Each and every product has been developed from the ground up with no compromises, exquisite design and meticulous attention to detail. This ensures they function as fabulous as they look.

Cafelat is much more than a set of high-end accessories for the niche coffee market. With worldwide appeal and the finest products you can find.

  • Professionally designed new and innovative products
  • Complete range of items with new products being added each year
  • Superior quality materials, production techniques and quality control
  • Premium retail-ready packaging with EAN13 barcodes

Cafelat History

The founder of Cafelat is Paul Pratt, has been in the coffee industry since 1995 as a Barista, Coffee shop owner, Roaster, Equipment wholesaler and accessories maker.

Paul is probably most well-known through his work with espresso machines, in particular maintenance and technician training for the La Marzocco brand. He currently owns around 30 espresso machines dating from the 1950's up to the present day, most are La Marzocco.

He knows a thing or two about machines having a sizeable collection of vintage machines he has restored himself. Our first products from 2005 – the bumper knockbox and tamper.

Paul builds and tests every Robot.

Paul says "Towards the end of summer 2007 the bumper barista tools were doing very well, so much so that the revenue from this side project had become a major source of income for the company. I really wanted to take it to the next level and was looking at overhauling the packaging, but by the end of 2007 it became clear that merely changing the packaging was not enough. In early 2008 I had the good fortune to meet with some like-minded people who shared my vision of creating a range of coffee related products with both professional and household appeal that were the best they could possibly be in terms of function and design. Within just a few short weeks we had the concept of Cafelat done.

It has taken well over a year of extremely hard work to get where we are today. That year was spent on developing new products with our designer, pushing new manufacturing techniques and of course months of testing. What I have tried to do is pull together the most respected professionals from around the world, each experts in their field be it packaging design or product design with no compromises to function. I am extremely proud of what we have put together and look forward to developing future products."