Cafelat Robot - portafilter and pressurised basket

We recently received some emails about using the pressurised basket so we would like to share how this basket works. The pre-ground coffee will not be anything like we get from using fresh coffee and a grinder but it is much better than a capsule or pod.

Paul also introduced a different technique for installing the portafilter.

Original post from Paul Pratt on Facebook group

OK so we should all know that the portafilter should be inserted and lifted up before you attempt to slide it over to the right. If you try and insert it like on a big espresso machine (across and to the right) you will run into problems. But recently I realised I had been doing it differently. So behold a different way, call it pushing the seal.

So the idea is you press the top of the basket against the seal and in one smooth motion you lift the arms, push the piston with the portafilter and then you can slide it over. It is quite easy, the idea is not that different than what I had advised all along, but because you are pushing with the portafilter you can sort of feel when you are ready to move it over.